Handmade nail-less bookcases are available in three sizes and in three different color schemes.  They are very easy to install. The headboard is mounted to the wall with 2 screws and the supports hang from the headboard. From there, the 2-4 shelves can slide easily into place by tongue and groove joins. We try to source our wood from Wisconsin. Materials and prices vary by bookcase.

Our three color schemes are:

Natural – natural finish on headboard, supports and shelves

Browns – reddish brown headboard, walnut supports, reddish brown shelves

Mixed – amber headboard, reddish brown supports, walnut shelves

We are always open to doing custom work. Please let us know if you would like a variation of what we currently offer, or if you would like to incorporate colors other than what we have listed.
Dimensions of the ‘large’: 6 ft x 6 ft 3 inches

Dimensions of the ‘medium’: 6 ft x 3 ft 2 inches

Dimensions of the ‘small’: 4 ft x 3 ft 6 inches