Acoustic Guitar Setup  – $40 plus strings

Inspect Instrument Integrity- Check Humidity,  Loose Braces,  Bridge Pulling,  Bridge Plate,  Binding.

Tighten Loose Hardware.

Clean Electronics “If applicable”

Oil and Clean Fingerboard.

Check for loose fret ends.

Polish Frets.

Clean Instrument Body.

Lubricate Nut.

Inspect and Adjust Truss Rod.

Inspect and Adjust Saddle Height.

Stretch Strings and Tune up.

Play Test.

Final Polish.


Additional Labor Estimates

Bone nut   6 string  $40

Bone nut  12 string  $50

Bone Saddle b-bump  $30

Install tuners direct replacement $25

Bridge re-glue basic  $65

Make new bridge direct replacement $175

lower bridge basic   $25

bridge re-shape basic   $25

re-glue loose braces basic   $35

replace bridge plate basic   $85

re-glue crack   Basic   $35

cleat crack   Per Cleat  $25

repair crack   Humidity  $40

reglue pick guard  Martin style  $25

new pick guard  Acoustic  $25

correct intonation  Basic   $60

Convert to lefty  nut and saddle $100

Piezo installation     $45