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sign painted by the lovely and talented Vanessa Andrew. Check out her blog here:


Hover Craft was incredible. Thanks to all friends, family and strangers that came out and said what’s up. We met a lot of awesome vendors and shoppers. A special thanks to Sean Heiser for making a killer sign the morning of and to Sweet Water Organics and the organizers of Hover Craft for bringing it all together!!


More exciting haps:

– Updated our Bookcases and Earrings pages with photos of new goods. Check ’em out. Let us know what you think!

– Setting up at etsy page! Loading pics as we speak…or type, rather

– Since we sold out of Wisconsin cutting boards this weekend, we are making many more this week. E-mail us at to place orders

– Sponsoring a local music fest, Riverwest Fest December 21st & 22nd. Dets coming soon

We’ve received a lot of questions and order requests regarding the Wisconsin cutting boards. Thanks, everyone! Hopefully this post will help to answer questions. If not, please shoot us an e-mail at

For those of you who live in the Milwaukee area, we would really love to see you at Hover Craft Saturday, December 1st at Sweet Water Organics. We will have plenty of cutting boards (as well as earrings, picture frames and bookshelves) for you. Plus, there will be tons of other local crafters and artists to check out and support.

Wisconsin Cutting Board Prices

12″ – $48 (includes WI sales tax)

16″ – $64 (includes WI sales tax)

For those unable to attend Hover Craft and/or those interested in ordering three or more cutting boards, please e-mail In the e-mail please include your name, phone number, quantity and size(s) of cutting boards desired, and the date that you would like the cutting boards by. From there we will figure out payment and delivery options. Thanks again! AB & KK



We are excited to announce that we are participating in Hover Craft this year! Hover Craft is an annual buy-local event that showcases the works of Milwaukee-based makers, crafters and artists. Just in time for the holdiays, we will be selling bookcases, cutting boards, earrings and other odds ‘n ends.  Hover Craft is Saturday December 1st at Sweet Water Organics in Bayview, Wisconsin.